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Today's digital age has completely changed the look and feel of vehicles, and the result is the increased demand and popularity of electric scooters on Indian roads. Various automobile companies are engaged in preparing innovative electric vehicles. Which is hygienic, profitable, and comfortable and also meets environmental safety standards. Keeping this in mind, India's electric scooter manufacturer Ola has introduced its new model "Ola s1 pro" which has accelerated the pulse of the users.

Ola S1 pro
Ola S1 pro

Design and Features:

Ola s1 pro comes with a modern and attractive design, keeping in mind the needs of business users for pleasant riding inside. On the inside, this scooter comes with a single-seater configuration, thereby providing more enjoyment to the users during the ride.

The battery capacity of this scooter is 154.55 V and 28 Ampere-hours so it can run up to 181 kilometers after its 1 charge. This electric scooter comes with fast charging which can charge the battery from 0 to 85% in just 25 minutes.

Apart from this, smart connectivity features are also included inside the Ola S1 Pro. The inside also includes a 7-inch digital touchscreen display, inside which you can find your vehicle status, charge status, navigation, and other information.

Security and Mobility:

Safety has been given top priority in the Ola S1 Pro. This electric scooter also includes safety features of ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) and EBD (Electronic Brake Force Distribution), which provide complete control and safety on braking.

Along with this, Ola S1 Pro has also been enhanced in terms of voice. Ola has equipped it with a voice assistant system called 'Ola Eye', inside which you can easily navigate, call and perform other tasks through voice.

Ola S1 Pro
Ola S1 Pro


The Ola S1 Pro is a great-looking, high-quality product and an excellent choice to showcase your commitment to green mobility. It covers a great distance on a single charge and supports fast charging, smart features, and safety exchange, it can become a big hit among users in the coming days.

Ola S1 VS. Ola S1 Pro: A Unique Comparison Between An Electric Scooter

The demand for green mobility within India is increasing rapidly and as a result, the rate of electric scooters is increasing rapidly. In this context, Ola has introduced its own electric scooters "Ola S1" and "Ola S1 Pro" inside the market in Hull. Both these models of Ola come with attractive features, but are they really according to your needs? So let's learn to compare "Ola S1" and "Ola S1 Pro"

Design & Battery:

The design of both these electric scooters is modern as well as attractive, which makes them attractive on the roads. "Ola S1" and "Ola S1 Pro" both come with a battery capacity, but "Ola S1 Pro" The battery capacity is slightly more so that it can cover a longer distance comfortably.

Ola S1 Pro
Ola S1 Pro


Inside "Ola S1" and "Ola S1 Pro" there is a powerful electric motor, which makes them faster. But due to more power of "The Ola S1 Pro," its speed is faster than the S1.


If we talk about the features, then the "Ola S1 Pro" comes with more options, such as a smart interkit display, smart cruise control, and many more features inside it. "In Ola S1 also you get many features but they are less as compared to S1 Pro.


If we talk about the price of both models, then there is a difference in the price of both because the "Ola S1 Pro" comes with more features, so its price is also higher.

Ola S1 Pro
Ola S1 Pro


In conclusion, both "Ola S1" and "Ola S1 Pro" are high-quality electric scooters. You have to choose one of them based on your requirements, your budget, and the features you need. "Ola S1" comes with comfortable riding and an attractive design, while "Ola S1 Pro" on the other hand comes with better performance and more features.

Ola Customer Care Number

 If you have any problem or query related to Ola's services, you can contact Ola's customer care number "08033113311".

Ola Electric Scooter Price

Keeping in mind the environment and cleanliness, Ola Company has taken another revolutionary step on Indian roads - it has inaugurated with a high-standard vehicle that will do what you say with the environment.

Ola S1 Pro
Ola S1 Pro

Base Price and Variants:

Ola electric scooter price may vary depending on the variant. The best models of these scooters are available in the local market and to know their price you should visit the official website of Ola.

Ola Official Website - Get the Link


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